Enoch Ben George Research Questions

I have put together a very preliminary set of research questions that I would like to research for Enoch Ben George. Here is where I will be starting:

  1. Who are the parents for Enoch Ben George – (I have his father was Jans Kristien George but nothing for his mother)
  2. When and where in Saint Clair County, Alabama was he born?
  3. Was he baptized? If so, when and in what church?
  4. Did he serve in the military? What wars would he have served in? (He died in Civil War year range)
  5. Did he have a will when he died? If so, how do I get a copy of it?
  6. Did he have an obituary in the newspaper?
    1. What newspapers were around his area at the time of his death?
  7. Did Enoch ever own land? Are there land records?
  8. Still have census records to find him in:
    1. 1800  – Probably Alabama – Look under father’s name, Jans Kristien George
    2. 1810 – Probably Alabama – Look under his name, then his father’s name, Jans Kristien George
    3. 1820  – Probably Alabama – Also under his name first, then his father’s name
    4. 1860 – Probably Texas – With wife and children
  9. Was he listed on any Tax Records?
  10. Depending on his religion, were there any church records for him?
  11. Are there cemetery records for him?
  12. Are there city directories for his time period in the places he was living?

As I am researching these questions, I am sure I will add many more to this list. I will start researching where I may be able to answer these questions.

Next To Do: Make a list of research questions for Cinthia Autrey.


Enoch Ben George – 1860 US Federal Census

As I was looking for Enoch and Cinthia in the 1860 US Census, my luck ran out. I have been pretty lucky at locating them so far, but with this census, not so much.

Because I feel they should be in Blanco County, Texas, I will end up going page by page and looking for them. This could take me a bit. So for the time being, I think I will make a list of what I know and what questions I still have and start to make an “official” research plan for him and Cinthia Autrey George.


Next To Do: Make a list of questions I still have for Enoch Ben George.

1850 US Federal Census – Enoch Ben George Family

Next we go to Walton County, Florida to find Enoch’s Family. Although I am not sure of WHY they were there, that is where they were… Things that make you say “Hmm”

Let’s peek at it:

1850 DEC 12: 1850 US Federal Census; Florida; Walton County; 3rd Division; p279B; Dwelling 194; Family 194; lines 20-27

Photo from ancestry.com

Photo from ancestry.com

1. Enoch Ben George, 61, male, Farmer, born in South Carolina.
2. Cintha George, 49, female, born in North Carolina.
3. Benjamin George, 18, male, born in Alabama.
4. Nancy George, 16, female, born in Alabama.
5. Moses George, 15, male, born in Alabama.
6. Cintha George, 11, female, born in Alabama.
7. Elizabeth George, 8, female, born in Alabama.
8. Alexander George, 5, male, born in Alabama.

Things I want to know:

  • Why were they in Florida for this census?
  • When did they go to Florida?
  • How long were they there?

Next To Do: Locate them in the 1860 US Federal Census.

1840 US Federal Census – Enoch Ben George Family

Moving over to Barbour County, Alabama I think I have located Enoch Ben and his family. Again, all family members are covered, there are a couple extra males I don’t know what they are.

Let’s look:

1840: 1840 US Federal Census; Alabama; Barbour County, p66


Photo from ancestry.com

Photo from ancestry.com

Head of Household: E Ben George
Under 5: 1 (Moses)
5-9: 1 (Enoch)
15-19: 1 (Daniel)
20-29: 2 (Don’t know)
50-59: 1 (Enoch)
Under 5: 1 (Cinthia)
5-9: 1 (Nancy)
10-14: 1 (Rachael)
15-19: 1 (Susanna)
30-39: 1 (Cinthia)

Next To Do: Locate them in the 1850 US Federal Census

1830 US Census – Enoch Ben George Family

I believe I have found Enoch Ben George and his family on the 1830 Census. For the most part it fits, there is one minor issue… an extra person that I cannot identify (as you know this census doesn’t have names of people… let’s take a look…

1830 US Federal Census; Alabama; Pike County; p7

Document obtained from ancestry.com

Document obtained from ancestry.com

Head of Household: E Ben George


  • 5-9: 1 (Daniel Ball)
  • 20-29: 1 (Don’t know)
  • 30-39: 1 (Enoch Ben)


  • Under 5: 1 (Rachael)
  • 5-9: 2 (Susanna & Rebecca)
  • 10-14: 1 (Don’t know)
  • 20-29: 1 (Cinthia Autrey)
  • 40-49: 1 (Don’t know)

This does account for everyone that it should in Enoch’s family but also has a couple extra people in with it.


Next To Do: Locate in the 1840 US Federal Census.

Find A Grave – Enoch Ben George

Thank you to findagrave.com

Thank you to findagrave.com

In trying to locate the burial place for Enoch Ben George, I started at findagrave.com. There were some very nice people that had posted photos of their headstones and gravesites… thank you to them!

Headstone Transcription:
Enoch Ben George
Born Feb. 14th 1790
Died Aug. 7th 1861
Aged 71 yrs. 5 months & 24 Days

They were buried in Blanco Cemetery in Blanco, Blanco County, Texas, USA

Next Step: Transcribe and add Cynthia Autrey Find A Grave information.


After watching videos and reading information about how to do research plans and prepare for studying a family, I have decided I was going about this process all wrong.

My goal, therefore, has changed. I have spent the week making a research plan for this family and working methodically through the research.

Here are some of the items on my research plan! It is far from complete, I think this will give me a good start on my research. My goal is to pin down some documentation, then redo and update the research plan.

On Ancestry I will research in the following databases:

  • Alabama Marriage Collection 1800-1969 Ancestry.
  • Alabama Marriages, 1809-1920 Ancestry.
  • Alabama State Census Records 1820-1850
  • US Federal Population Census 1790-1860
  • Broad Sweeping Search and Online Trees (Just for hints to follow up on)
  • Alabama Maps and Texas Maps of Various Kinds

On Family Search I will research the following:

  • Alabama County Marriages, 1809-1950 FS
  • Alabama Marriages, 1816-1957
  • Marriage, death and legal notices from early Alabama newspapers, 1819-1893 FS
  • Texas, Probate Records, 1800-1990
  • US Federal Poplation Census 1790-1860
  • Selected cemeteries of Blanco County, Texas
  • Texas records from bibles, probate records, wills, cemeteries, 1639-1954
  • Original grantee-patentee Texas land titles
  • Broad Records Search
  • Alabama and Texas Maps or Various Kinds

I will also be checking websites like Find A Grave, Billion Graves, Message Boards, and Various Search Engine Searches just to see what other information may be out there.

This seems to be a pretty straight forward start to my research. If you have other ideas, please let me know!