Daniel & Mary George Household – 1850 US Federal Census

Daniel B. George and his household were enumerated on the 1850 US Federal Census on 25 Sep 1850 in Barbour County, Alabama.

Here is that census record. The quality of this document is not great.

Photo from Ancestry.com

Photo from Ancestry.com

1850 US Federal Population Schedule, Alabama, Barbour County, pg 269; Family 405

  1. Daniel B. George, 27, male, farmer, born in Alabama.
  2. Mary George, 25, female, born in North Carolina.
  3. Cinthia George, 3 female, born in Alabama.
  4. Daniel George, 5 months old, male, born in Alabama.

Things to Note:

  • Daniel B. George was 27 years old in 1850, making him born about 1823 in Alabama.
  • Daniel B. George is a farmer in 1850.
  • Mary George is 25 years old in 1850, making her born about 1825 in North Carolina.
  • Cinthia George is 3 years old in 1850, making her born about 1847 in Alabama.
  • Daniel George was 5 months old in 1850, making him born about 1849 in Alabama. (This record actually does not fit the Daniel George that I have, but does fit the Enoch George that I have. Keep an eye on this.)

NEXT TO DO: Locate Daniel & Mary George in the 1860 US Federal Census.


1840 US Federal Census – Enoch Ben George Family

Moving over to Barbour County, Alabama I think I have located Enoch Ben and his family. Again, all family members are covered, there are a couple extra males I don’t know what they are.

Let’s look:

1840: 1840 US Federal Census; Alabama; Barbour County, p66


Photo from ancestry.com

Photo from ancestry.com

Head of Household: E Ben George
Under 5: 1 (Moses)
5-9: 1 (Enoch)
15-19: 1 (Daniel)
20-29: 2 (Don’t know)
50-59: 1 (Enoch)
Under 5: 1 (Cinthia)
5-9: 1 (Nancy)
10-14: 1 (Rachael)
15-19: 1 (Susanna)
30-39: 1 (Cinthia)

Next To Do: Locate them in the 1850 US Federal Census

1830 US Census – Enoch Ben George Family

I believe I have found Enoch Ben George and his family on the 1830 Census. For the most part it fits, there is one minor issue… an extra person that I cannot identify (as you know this census doesn’t have names of people… let’s take a look…

1830 US Federal Census; Alabama; Pike County; p7

Document obtained from ancestry.com

Document obtained from ancestry.com

Head of Household: E Ben George


  • 5-9: 1 (Daniel Ball)
  • 20-29: 1 (Don’t know)
  • 30-39: 1 (Enoch Ben)


  • Under 5: 1 (Rachael)
  • 5-9: 2 (Susanna & Rebecca)
  • 10-14: 1 (Don’t know)
  • 20-29: 1 (Cinthia Autrey)
  • 40-49: 1 (Don’t know)

This does account for everyone that it should in Enoch’s family but also has a couple extra people in with it.


Next To Do: Locate in the 1840 US Federal Census.


After watching videos and reading information about how to do research plans and prepare for studying a family, I have decided I was going about this process all wrong.

My goal, therefore, has changed. I have spent the week making a research plan for this family and working methodically through the research.

Here are some of the items on my research plan! It is far from complete, I think this will give me a good start on my research. My goal is to pin down some documentation, then redo and update the research plan.

On Ancestry I will research in the following databases:

  • Alabama Marriage Collection 1800-1969 Ancestry.
  • Alabama Marriages, 1809-1920 Ancestry.
  • Alabama State Census Records 1820-1850
  • US Federal Population Census 1790-1860
  • Broad Sweeping Search and Online Trees (Just for hints to follow up on)
  • Alabama Maps and Texas Maps of Various Kinds

On Family Search I will research the following:

  • Alabama County Marriages, 1809-1950 FS
  • Alabama Marriages, 1816-1957
  • Marriage, death and legal notices from early Alabama newspapers, 1819-1893 FS
  • Texas, Probate Records, 1800-1990
  • US Federal Poplation Census 1790-1860
  • Selected cemeteries of Blanco County, Texas
  • Texas records from bibles, probate records, wills, cemeteries, 1639-1954
  • Original grantee-patentee Texas land titles
  • Broad Records Search
  • Alabama and Texas Maps or Various Kinds

I will also be checking websites like Find A Grave, Billion Graves, Message Boards, and Various Search Engine Searches just to see what other information may be out there.

This seems to be a pretty straight forward start to my research. If you have other ideas, please let me know!

It Starts With A Marriage!

This copy was made from a microfilm from the Family History Library in SLC, Utah.

This copy was made from a microfilm from the Family History Library in SLC, Utah.

Enoch George married Sinthy Autrey in St. Clair County, Alabama.

Surety bond was paid by Drury Ashcroft. (Not sure who this is as of yet or how he fits into the picture).

The first child was born about a year after this marriage.

Next Goal: Look for them in the 1830 United States Census. Also look for any George and Autrey families living in St. Clair County, Alabama in 1820 Census.

Family Background

Let’s get this started by getting to know a little about the immediate family of Enoch and Cynthia George.
Enoch Ben George and Cynthia Autrey were married on Oct 3, 1820 in Saint Clair County, Alabama. On October 8, 1821 they had their daughter, Rebecca George, in Alabama. I really don’t have much information on her.

Daniel Ball George was born on February 14, 1823 in Floralla, Covington, Alabama. In 1845 he married Mary McSween. Together they had 7 children.

Susanna M. George was born September 18, 1824 in Clayton, Barbour, Alabama. She married Randall McNair and together they had 11 children.

Rachel George was born June 24, 1829 in Alabama. I also do not have much information on her.

Enoch Ben George was born November 14, 1831 in Saint Clair County, Alabama. In 1857 he married Mary A. Deweese in New Braunfels, Comal, Texas. They had 4 children. On November 12, 1868 he married Caroline Sattler in New Braunfels, Comal, Texas. Together they had 3 children. They later divorced. On March 1, 1874 he married Mary Anne McNamar in Sequin, Comal, Texas. Together they had 8 more children. That totals 15 children for Enoch and his wives.

Nancy George was born December 10, 1833 in Alabama. Again, I do not have much information on her.

Moses Andrew George was born October 3, 1835 in Florala, Covington, Alabama. On December 28, 1853 he married Margaret Angeline Hart. Together they had 11 children. Margaret died on January 3, 1902. Moses married Susan Pettis Johnson on July 26, 1903 in Covington County, Alabama. Together they had 4 children.

Sinthia Autry George was born January 18, 1840 in Alabama. She married Solomon (Sol) Tanner on May 20, 1858 in Blanco County, Texas. Together they had 11 children.

Elizabeth Thurza Ann George was born March 7, 1842 in Alabama. She married Isaac Tanner on November 12, 1860 in Lockhart, Caldwell, Texas. Together they had 13 children.

John William Alexander George was the last child born to Enoch and Cynthia. he was born on August 15, 1845 in Alabama. He married Martha Emaline Hudson in 1866 in Blanco County, Texas. Together they had 7 children.

The George family was a very prolific family, which will make identifying and prooving all his descendants a very large challenge. I have been “given” most of the information that I have and will begin to source all the information I have. While typing this data into this blog post I have noticed some possible issues and will make a list of those later in the day.

If you see any mistakes or have documents or information that would aide me in my research, please feel free to contact me.