Cinthia Autrey – Research Questions

Here is a beginning set of research questions that I would like to research for Cinthia Autrey. These are very similar to those of Enoch Ben George, but a good place to begin. Here is where I will be starting:

  1. Who are the parents for Cinthia Autrey – (I have her father was Absalom Autrey and her mother was Lucy Naomi Kemp but no idea where this information came from.)
  2. Is her name spelled Cinthia or Cynthia. (May never have an answer to this, but I can hope right?)
  3. When and where in Saint Clair County, Alabama was she born?
  4. Was she baptized? If so, when and in what church?
  5. Did she have a will when she died? If so, how do I get a copy of it?
  6. Did she have an obituary in the newspaper?
    1. What newspapers were around his area at the time of her death?
  7. Still have census records to find him in:
    1. 1810 – Probably Alabama – Look under father’s name, Absolom Autrey
    2. 1820  – Probably Alabama – Look under father’s name, Absolom Autrey
    3. 1860 – Florida or Texas possibly – With husband and children.
    4. 1870 – Probably Blanco, Blanco, Texas.
  8. Was she listed on any Tax Records after he died.
  9. Did city directories exist in her area at this time period?
  10. Depending on her religion, were there any church records for her?
  11. Are there cemetery records for her?

Again, as I am researching these questions, I am sure I will add to this list at length. I will begin a research plan for her.

NEXT TO DO: Because I don’t have any idea what happened to Rebecah, I will begin with Daniel Ball George’s Family. While doing this I will try to figure out if Rebecah got married or died between the 1820 Census and the 1830 Census. I will introduce the family of Daniel Ball George in the next post.


Enoch Ben George – 1860 US Federal Census

As I was looking for Enoch and Cinthia in the 1860 US Census, my luck ran out. I have been pretty lucky at locating them so far, but with this census, not so much.

Because I feel they should be in Blanco County, Texas, I will end up going page by page and looking for them. This could take me a bit. So for the time being, I think I will make a list of what I know and what questions I still have and start to make an “official” research plan for him and Cinthia Autrey George.


Next To Do: Make a list of questions I still have for Enoch Ben George.

1850 US Federal Census – Enoch Ben George Family

Next we go to Walton County, Florida to find Enoch’s Family. Although I am not sure of WHY they were there, that is where they were… Things that make you say “Hmm”

Let’s peek at it:

1850 DEC 12: 1850 US Federal Census; Florida; Walton County; 3rd Division; p279B; Dwelling 194; Family 194; lines 20-27

Photo from

Photo from

1. Enoch Ben George, 61, male, Farmer, born in South Carolina.
2. Cintha George, 49, female, born in North Carolina.
3. Benjamin George, 18, male, born in Alabama.
4. Nancy George, 16, female, born in Alabama.
5. Moses George, 15, male, born in Alabama.
6. Cintha George, 11, female, born in Alabama.
7. Elizabeth George, 8, female, born in Alabama.
8. Alexander George, 5, male, born in Alabama.

Things I want to know:

  • Why were they in Florida for this census?
  • When did they go to Florida?
  • How long were they there?

Next To Do: Locate them in the 1860 US Federal Census.

1840 US Federal Census – Enoch Ben George Family

Moving over to Barbour County, Alabama I think I have located Enoch Ben and his family. Again, all family members are covered, there are a couple extra males I don’t know what they are.

Let’s look:

1840: 1840 US Federal Census; Alabama; Barbour County, p66


Photo from

Photo from

Head of Household: E Ben George
Under 5: 1 (Moses)
5-9: 1 (Enoch)
15-19: 1 (Daniel)
20-29: 2 (Don’t know)
50-59: 1 (Enoch)
Under 5: 1 (Cinthia)
5-9: 1 (Nancy)
10-14: 1 (Rachael)
15-19: 1 (Susanna)
30-39: 1 (Cinthia)

Next To Do: Locate them in the 1850 US Federal Census

1830 US Census – Enoch Ben George Family

I believe I have found Enoch Ben George and his family on the 1830 Census. For the most part it fits, there is one minor issue… an extra person that I cannot identify (as you know this census doesn’t have names of people… let’s take a look…

1830 US Federal Census; Alabama; Pike County; p7

Document obtained from

Document obtained from

Head of Household: E Ben George


  • 5-9: 1 (Daniel Ball)
  • 20-29: 1 (Don’t know)
  • 30-39: 1 (Enoch Ben)


  • Under 5: 1 (Rachael)
  • 5-9: 2 (Susanna & Rebecca)
  • 10-14: 1 (Don’t know)
  • 20-29: 1 (Cinthia Autrey)
  • 40-49: 1 (Don’t know)

This does account for everyone that it should in Enoch’s family but also has a couple extra people in with it.


Next To Do: Locate in the 1840 US Federal Census.

Find A Grave – Cinthia Autrey George

Cinthia George is buried next to her husband Enoch Ben George.

I, again, turned to Find A Grave to look for headstone photos, here is what I found:

George, Cinthia Autrey Find A Grave Snapshot

Thank you to the fabulous volunteers at Find A Grave.

Here is the transcription of her headstone:

Born July 29th 1802.
Died July 19th 1877
Aged 74 Years 11 Mos. and 21 Days.

She is buried in Blanco Cemetery, in Blanco, Blanco County, Texas, USA.

Next Step: Locate Cinthia in the 1870 U. S. Federal Census. Enoch will not be listed as he is deceased by then.

It Starts With A Marriage!

This copy was made from a microfilm from the Family History Library in SLC, Utah.

This copy was made from a microfilm from the Family History Library in SLC, Utah.

Enoch George married Sinthy Autrey in St. Clair County, Alabama.

Surety bond was paid by Drury Ashcroft. (Not sure who this is as of yet or how he fits into the picture).

The first child was born about a year after this marriage.

Next Goal: Look for them in the 1830 United States Census. Also look for any George and Autrey families living in St. Clair County, Alabama in 1820 Census.