Enoch Ben George – 1860 US Federal Census

As I was looking for Enoch and Cinthia in the 1860 US Census, my luck ran out. I have been pretty lucky at locating them so far, but with this census, not so much.

Because I feel they should be in Blanco County, Texas, I will end up going page by page and looking for them. This could take me a bit. So for the time being, I think I will make a list of what I know and what questions I still have and start to make an “official” research plan for him and Cinthia Autrey George.


Next To Do: Make a list of questions I still have for Enoch Ben George.


1850 US Federal Census – Enoch Ben George Family

Next we go to Walton County, Florida to find Enoch’s Family. Although I am not sure of WHY they were there, that is where they were… Things that make you say “Hmm”

Let’s peek at it:

1850 DEC 12: 1850 US Federal Census; Florida; Walton County; 3rd Division; p279B; Dwelling 194; Family 194; lines 20-27

Photo from ancestry.com

Photo from ancestry.com

1. Enoch Ben George, 61, male, Farmer, born in South Carolina.
2. Cintha George, 49, female, born in North Carolina.
3. Benjamin George, 18, male, born in Alabama.
4. Nancy George, 16, female, born in Alabama.
5. Moses George, 15, male, born in Alabama.
6. Cintha George, 11, female, born in Alabama.
7. Elizabeth George, 8, female, born in Alabama.
8. Alexander George, 5, male, born in Alabama.

Things I want to know:

  • Why were they in Florida for this census?
  • When did they go to Florida?
  • How long were they there?

Next To Do: Locate them in the 1860 US Federal Census.